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2 Bestselling Products to Beat the Dripping Springs Cold & Flu Season

If you have children attending school in/near Dripping Springs, then you’ve likely already heard about the latest virus circulating and keeping kids home 5-7 days with symptoms such as high fever (102 degrees+), lethargy, appetite loss, vomiting and diarrhea.  It’s no fun, but very common this time of year.

What do you have in your medicine kit to help when a cold/flu virus hits you?  

​We are now offering a Cold/Flu Relief Bundle in our retail section, no appointment necessary. These are our 2 go-to products for the mornings when you wake up and realize you might be getting sick.

When taken at the first signs of illness (sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, body aches) our Cold Eliminator amplifies the immune system to eradicate the virus. Most of our patients feel completely fine within 48 hours of the first dose.

Cough-B-Gone soothes dry, itchy throats with its natural antibacterial and antitussive properties. Bonus: It also tastes great!

Call us at 512-686-0777 to reserve this Cold/Flu Relief bundle for clinic pickup near Dripping Springs and be prepared when THAT morning comes!