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October 28, 2017

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture for Anxiety

  • Do you think you may suffer from anxiety, but don’t want to admit it?
  • Are you looking for a natural approach to managing anxiety?

You’re not alone… anxiety is incredibly common with over 40 million adults currently affected in the US. ​In the timeframe between puberty and middle-age, women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety as men.

You may have anxiety if:

  • You’re afraid something awful might happen
  • You’re feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge
  • You’re worrying too much
  • You’re not able to calm down, relax, or sleep
  • You’re unable to sit still
  • You’re easily annoyed or irritable

If you think you might have anxiety, consider visiting a licensed acupuncturist. We have lots of tools that can help ease anxiety symptoms naturally, without the unpleasant side effects of commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals like benzodiazepines.

Chinese Medicine approaches anxiety by identifying the root cause and treating you holistically as a mind-body-soul.  

Scientists have researched the effects of acupuncture on anxiety and several studies have shown a significant decrease in anxiety symptoms in as little as one month of treatment. In some cases, research proved that acupuncture is just as effective as conventional treatments with pharmaceuticals or cognitive behavioral therapy.
Acupuncture treatments twice a week are relaxing and allow your mind-body-spirit to regain balance and heal. Patients generally sleep better, worry less, and feel more in touch with their emotions after receiving regular acupuncture treatments. If you’re feeling anxious about needles, laser acupuncture is a great alternative!

Chinese herbal medicine can also help ease anxiety symptoms in a gentle manner and can be taken as capsules, tablets, tinctures, or as a decoction (such as Enlighten Herbal Elixir).

If you’re interested in learning more about how Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help with anxiety, contact Michelle for an appointment.  It’s truly never too soon to feel better!


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Dr. Michelle Wendt

Dr. Michelle Wendt, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), DACM is the founder & owner of Indigo Healing Acupuncture, PLLC.

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